The following information sources publish documents that are used as references for CVE entries and candidates. Click on the source to view a map from the source's references to the associated CVE names.

These reference maps use data from CVE version 20061101 and candidates that were active as of 2017-07-22.

Download all reference maps - ZIP file

AIXAPAR - AIX APAR (Authorized Problem Analysis Report) ALLAIRE - Allaire Security Bulletin APPLE - Apple Security Update ASCEND - Ascend vendor acknowledgement ATSTAKE - @stake security advisory AUSCERT - AUSCERT advisory BEA - BEA security advisory BID - Security Focus Bugtraq ID database entry BINDVIEW - BindView security advisory BUGTRAQ - Posting to Bugtraq mailing list CALDERA - Caldera security advisory CERT - CERT/CC Advisories CERT-VN - CERT/CC vulnerability note CHECKPOINT - Check Point Alert CIAC - DOE CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Center) bulletins CISCO - Cisco security advisory COMPAQ - COMPAQ Service Security Patch CONECTIVA - Conectiva Linux advisory CONFIRM - URL to location where vendor confirms that the problem exists DEBIAN - Debian Linux Security Information EEYE - eEye security advisory EL8 - EL8 advisory ENGARDE - En Garde Linux advisory ERS - IBM ERS/BRS advisories EXPLOIT-DB - Exploits Database FEDORA - Fedora Project security advisory FREEBSD - FreeBSD security advisory FRSIRT - French Security Incident Response Team (FrSIRT) Database FULLDISC - Full-Disclosure mailing list FarmerVenema - "Improving the Security of Your Site by Breaking Into it" paper by Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema GENTOO - Gentoo Linux security advisory HERT - HERT security advisory HP - HP security advisories HPBUG - HP bug/patch ID IBM - IBM ERS/BRS advisories IDEFENSE - iDEFENSE advisory IMMUNIX - Immunix Linux advisory INFOWAR - INFOWAR security advisory ISS - ISS Security Advisory JVN - Japanese CERT (JPCERT) vulnerability notes JVNDB - JVN iPedia KSRT - KSR[T] Security Advisory L0PHT - L0pht Security Advisory MANDRAKE - Mandrake Linux security advisory MANDRIVA - Mandriva security advisory MILW0RM - milw0rm exploit web site MISC - Miscellaneous URL MLIST - generic reference form for miscellaneous mailing lists MS - Microsoft Security Bulletin MSKB - Microsoft Knowledge Base article NAI - NAI Labs security advisory NETBSD - NetBSD Security Advisory NETECT - Netect security advisory NTBUGTRAQ - Posting to NTBugtraq mailing list OPENBSD - OpenBSD Security Advisory OPENPKG - OpenPKG security advisory OSVDB - Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB) entry OVAL - Open Vulnerability Assessment Language (OVAL) vulnerability definition REDHAT - Security advisories RSI - Repent Security, Inc. security advisory SCO - SCO security bulletins SECTRACK - SecurityTracker Alerts SECUNIA - Secunia Advisories SEKURE - Sekure security advisory SF-INCIDENTS - posting to Security Focus Incidents mailing list SGI - SGI Security Advisory SLACKWARE - Slackware security advisory SNI - Secure Networks, Inc. security advisory SREASON - SecurityReason SecurityAlert SREASONRES - SecurityReason Research Advisory SUN - Sun security bulletin SUNALERT - Sun security alert SUNBUG - Sun bug ID SUSE - SuSE Linux: Security Announcements TRUSTIX - Trustix Security Advisory TURBO - TurboLinux advisory UBUNTU - Ubuntu Linux security advisory VIM - Vulnerability Information Managers mailing list VULN-DEV - Posting to VULN-DEV mailing list VULNWATCH - VulnWatch mailing list VUPEN - VUPEN Security Database WIN2KSEC - Win2KSecAdvice mailing list XF - X-Force Vulnerability Database