CVE Editorial Board

The CVE Editorial Board includes numerous cyber security-related organizations including commercial security tool vendors, members of academia, research institutions, government agencies, and other prominent security experts. Through open and collaborative discussions, the Editorial Board approves the data sources, product coverage, and coverage goals for entries on the CVE List, and oversees the ongoing assignment of new entries.

The MITRE Corporation created the CVE Editorial Board, moderates Board discussions, and provides guidance throughout the process to ensure that CVE serves the public interest. Archives of Board meetings and discussions are available for review on the CVE website. Other information security experts will be invited to participate on the Board on an as-needed basis based upon recommendations from current CVE Editorial Board members. See "Adding and Removing CVE Editorial Board Members."

CVE Editorial Board roles and tasks vary by member. Some Board members participate actively in different Board functions. Other members act as observers or liaisons with other areas in the security community. See "CVE Editorial Board Roles, Tasks, and Qualifications."

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Current Members
Intrusion Detection Experts


Scott Lawler

Other Security Experts


Brian Martin

Tom Stracener

Tool Vendors

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Andy Balinsky

Tim Keanini

CA Technologies

Ken Williams

Harris Corporation

Bill Wall

Intel Corporation

Kent Landfield

Symantec Corporation

Mike Prosser

Software Vendors

Microsoft Corporation

Elizabeth Scott

Red Hat, Inc.

Mark Cox

Kurt Seifried


Academic / Educational

CERIAS/Purdue University

Pascal Meunier

SANS Institute

Alan Paller

Incident Response Teams

CERT/CC (Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University)

Art Manion


Ken Armstrong


Tom Millar

Information Providers

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Harold Booth

David Waltermire

Risk Based Security, Inc.

Carsten Eiram

MITRE Corporation

MITRE Web Site

Past Members

The individuals listed below are former members of the CVE Editorial Board. We thank them for contributions, especially those with "Emeritus" status who have made particularly significant contributions to the CVE Initiative.


Scott Blake

Steve Christey Coley

Andre Frech

Elias Levy

Peter Mell

Steve Northcutt

Adam Shostack

Gene Spafford

Other Contributors

Jimmy Alderson

Shawn Hernan

David Baker

Bill Hill

David Balenson

Al Huger

Matt Bishop

Jim Jones

Troy Bollinger

Panos Kampanakis

Natalie Brader

David LeBlanc

Rob Clyde

Jim Magdych

Tim Collins

David Mann

Eric Cole

Ronson Nguyen

Kelly Cooper

Larry Oliver

Russ Cooper

Craig Ozancin

Marc Dacier

Paul Proctor

Renaud Deraison

Damir Rajnovic

Casper Dik

Marcus Ranum

Bill Fithen

Steve Snapp

John Flowers

Stuart Staniford

Dana Foat

Kevin Ziese

Stu Green


Patrick Heim

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