CVE Community

CVE is an international information security community effort. In addition to the contributions of the CVE Editorial Board and the CVE Sponsor, numerous organizations from around the world have made their products CVE-Compatible, have included CVE Identifiers in their security advisories, and/or have adopted or promoted the use of CVE.

The CVE Initiative is industry-endorsed through the following:

CVE Editorial Board

The CVE Editorial Board, which includes members from numerous information security-related organizations from around world, approves which vulnerabilities or exposures are included in the CVE List.

CVE Sponsor

Managing the CVE Initiative requires substantial work on an ongoing basis. Current and past sponsors are listed.

CVE-Compatible Products & Services

Numerous organizations from around the world have made their information security products and services "CVE-Compatible" by incorporating CVE Identifiers.

Page Last Updated: May 21, 2007